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As a product of the 60”s, artist Annette Rawlings associated with many of the actors, rock stars, writers and innovators who changed the course of American culture ­­­­­ David Crosby, Patti Smith, Tennessee Williams and Timothy Leary, just to name a few. Through experiences with these and other prominent people, Annette became caught up in a creative wave that was greatly influenced by the colors and cultural atmosphere of Miami. The culmination of this creativity is seen in her art and elucidated in her book. Her art reflects such experiences as spending a year in the jungles of Central America and living a year at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Readers will share the anguish and joys as well as the simplicity and complexity that are portrayed in her art, which has been displayed in such places as the Miami Art Museum, Art Basel, Virginia Miller Galleries and the Louvre in Paris.

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This artist has lead a remarkable life. She leads us through her formative years and her amazing ability to take in her surroundings and give us a personal view on how she has developed and absorbed the world she sees around her, and has allowed it to launch her into a creative talent. Any young aspiring artist should read this, and see how she has incorporated varies mediums into her art. But this is not only for artists… this is a wonderful read and a page turner. Annette Rawlings reveals her great inner strength and fortitude in dealing with the vicissitudes of life. She is to be admired.

Jule Laudisio

What a fascinating account of a fascinating life! With wonderful illustrations from the artist, this is an examination of the development of the creative process well worth reading by emerging artists, those who would like to be, and those who appreciate art. A remarkable example of dedication and determination, we can follow her overcoming obstacles that would have stopped most people early in the game, but Rawlings seems to glide past/over/through them and turn them into inspiration. Her imagery turns up on pottery, in jewelry, on clothing, silk screened, on canvas and paper (of course), and in all sorts of media. This book goes a long way towards explaining how it got there.

M. Adler

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